ForgeRock Open Banking Hackathon

Last updated Sep 21, 2018

All you need to know during the weekend in regards the APIs


The documentation can be found here:

Examples of TPPs we implemented and that you can test:


1) Make sure the issue is not already knew. For that, you can see the list of issues raised on OBRI:

2) If you got an explicit error, like:

{ "Code": "OBRI.FR.Request.Filter", "Id": "344656ab1778ec3f", "Message": "An error happened when filtering your request before accessing the resource", "Errors": [ { "ErrorCode": "FR.OBRI.AccessToken.Invalid", "Message": "Invalid access token. Reason: Invalid signature", "Url": "" } ] }

You can probably found the source of it from the message but if you are still lost, there is an url to the details of this particular error. In the example above, it's

3) Still stuck? You will find mentors hanging around the hackathon, try to grab one!  As a result, he may tell you to raise a new bug report.

Interaction ID

You may have notice that one header is called 'x-fapi-interaction-id'. The idea behind it is to help support. The way that works is that this interaction ID is going to be bind to all the logs resulting from your request.

Therefore, in order to get support from us, it would be super handy if you provide us the interaction ID you used.

Raising an issue

We use the openbankingspace git repo for tracking our public errors. This can be found here:

Before raising one, make sure

  • you have easy reproduction steps.
  • provide an example of your failure
  • provide the interaction ID you used for the request, if possible


You will probably at some point, use the /data endpoints (they allow you to inject custom PSU financial data).

As much we would like our environment to be totally robust, it's not. What that mean is as the time you got for developing is very short, we would not want you to loose your custom financial data.

A precaution you can do is to save the export result. This way, if for a reason we have to back up the database, you can revert back the data pretty easily.

Let's hope this export backup won't be necessary :) 

Tips for the presentation

You will present your work on Sunday afternoon. It can be a relatively stressful moment for you team and therefore, one tip we can give you is to record your demo. It will help you:

  1. Keep control of the presentation time
  2. A peace mind during your presentation, knowing nothing can go wrong if it's a video
  3. you control the flow of the video and less distracted
  4. you can easily share this video
  5. it's a nice souvenir :) 

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