Release 2.2.0 - ForgeRock Open Banking Reference Implementation

Last updated Nov 2, 2020

This document describes the changes in the 2.2.0 release of the ForgeRock Open Banking Reference Implementation

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Release 2.2.0 - ForgeRock Open Banking Reference Implementation

ForgeRock is pleased to announce the release of version 2.2.0 of the ForgeRock Open Banking Reference Implementation. This is a feature release, it contains bug fixes, improvements and new features. This version was released 16/08/2018.



  • Better linkage of the interaction ID with the tracing ID we use internally. Meaning that if you provide us the interaction ID of your request, we can extract the logs for it more easily
  • the AS is now protected again with MATLS
  • the /data apis is using OAuth2 as authorisation layer

Main bug fixes

  • OBBR-9 the registration endpoint declared in the AS discovery response is now the right one.
  • the /data allows to create transactions via POST
  • the transactions date filtering is now working
  • The resource server is using a letsencrypt certificate, meaning your web browser will trust it by default
  • Payment simulation is now working again, meaning payments will be marked as completed, a new transaction will be created and the balance updated.

Some changes in our architecture will affect your current TPP integration. What you need to know:

  • The authorisation and access token endpoints changed domain, they are now under This change has been reflected in our AS discovery endpoint. You will need to make sure you update the ASPSP configuration that you must store locally in your TPP somewhere, to use the new endpoints. This is a good exercise for you as ASPSP can change endpoints and all they need to do is updating their discovery endpoints, like we just did.
  • We changed the ForgeRock Directory CA certificate. This has required us to rotate all the keys. If you are using the ForgeRock directory, you will therefore need to download your new transport key.
  • the UI has changed a bit, clearing your cache is recommended

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