ForgeRock Open Banking Reference Implementation (Release 3.1.0-Beatles)

Last updated Mar 14, 2019

This document describes the changes in the 3.1.0-Beatles release of the ForgeRock Open Banking Reference Implementation.

Release Notes

ForgeRock is pleased to announce the release of version 3.1.0-Beatles of the ForgeRock Open Banking Reference Implementation; release date: 11/03/2019. This is a feature release that contains bug fixes, improvements and features. 

Release version number:

So far, we managed to get our versioning number align with the Open Banking standard, to avoid confusion. We reached a point where we needed to do releases more often than OBIE standard. This is why we choose to follow the new naming convention: <OBIE-Versions>-<ForgeRock-Versions>. As we work on two weeks sprints and we plan to release every sprint, we choose to use music group names, by alphabetical order!


  • Support PS256 signing algorithms
  • Support Open Banking 3.1.0
  • Implement Idempotency
  • Implement detached JWS signature
  • the UI consent pages are now align with the OBIE UX guideline 
  • the UI consent pages allows you to display your TPP company logo, as long as you specified it in your SSA (for the ForgeRock directory, add it in your software statement configuration)


Some endpoints changed, although our postman will be updated accordingly.

  • ->
  • ->
  • ->
  • the issuer is now

Using the /api/data/user now require MATLS, using a transport certificate from the ForgeRock directory.

For moving to PS256, every keys managed by the directory has been reset. If you used the ForgeRock directory, you will need to re-download your transport key and re-onboard via the dynamic registration.

Make sure when you dynamically register and you are using the ForgeRock directory, that you define PS256 as your signing algorithms.


A new postman collection and environment are now available. You can find them in our published postman service

Bug fixes:

This releases contains several bug fixes, improving the stability of the OBRI ASPSP sandbox.

Copyright and TrademarksCopyright © 2019 ForgeRock, all rights reserved.

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