Release 1.2.1 - ForgeRock Open Banking Reference Implementation

Last updated Nov 2, 2020

Release note for the release 1.2.1

What's new in this release?

ForgeRock is pleased to announce the release of 1.2.1 in production. This version pushed is a minor releases, it contains bug fixes, improvements and minor features.

This version was released 02/02/2018 and is now publicly available.


  •  Sample code for TPPs has been released publicly, you can now use it to try some TPP code against the ForgeRock ASPSP:
  • ASPSP-RS provides an un-registration endpoint, allowing you as a TPP to un-register to from the ASPSP if needed
  • ASPSP-RS implements the discovery feature as describe in . this new endpoint is available under /discovery and will help TPPs in on board more easily to the ForgeRock ASPSP
  • ForgeRock TPP has been completely reengineered to integrate the following features:
    • Integrated with Open Banking directory: uses the certificates provided by OB, the SSA to on board
    • auto-onboarding to any ASPSP (limitation: expect the ASPSP to provide the discovery endpoint)
    • List all the ASPSPs registered and trigger the Open Banking flow on the selected one
    • Uses the ASPSP-RS unregister endpoint to unregister itself from an ASPSP on demand.


  • the test MTLS endpoint of the RS has been improved, to capture more uses-cases and returns as much information as it can
  • the auto-onboarding has been migrated to the RS, an architecture improvement on ForgeRock side that will improve sustainability and error messages

Bug fixes:

  • The openbanking_intent_id is not required anymore and can be optional
  • the account expiration time is now optional
  • auto-onboarding doesn't require manual updates by admin
  • minor fixes that didn't affected end user experience.

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