Input Collector Auth Tree Node

A simple authentication node for ForgeRock's Identity Platform 5.5 and above. This node gathers one of more user inputs. A more generic version of the username collector node which allows one of more input fields to be defined. User inputs are added as individual shared state values.

Project Readme

Input Collector Authentication Node

A simple authentication node that collects a user input and stores result in shared or transient state. A more generic version of the username and password collector nodes.


Copy the .jar file from the ../target directory into the ../web-container/webapps/openam/WEB-INF/lib directory where AM is deployed. Restart the web container to pick up the new node. The node will then appear in the authentication trees components palette.


Deploy the node and set appropriate config values where:

  • Variable Name: name of the shared state or transient shared state object to store the users input.
  • Prompt: user prompt to display. Can be either a static value or a shared state variable enclosed in double braces, e.g., {{prompt}}
  • Password: set to true to use a Password callback which normally causes user input to be hidden when typed.
  • Use Transient State: set to true to store password values in transient state.

Note: this replaces a previous version of the Input Collector Node which allowed multiple inputs to be collected. It's recommended instead to use this node in combination with a Page Node to achieve the same result.

To Build

Edit the necessary as appropriate. To rebuild, run "mvn clean install" in the directory containing the pom.xml



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