LastPass Auth Module

The LastPass AM Authentication Module allows to ForgeRock users to integrate their AM instance to the LastPass authentication services.

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LastPass MFA Authentication Module

The LastPass MFA Authentication Module allows ForgeRock users to integrate their AM instance to the LastPass MFA authentication services. This document assumes that you already have an AM 5.5+ instance running with an users base configured.


Follow this steps in order to install the module:

  1. Download the jar file from here.
  2. Copy the lastpass-openam-auth-module-1.0.jar file on your server: /path/to/tomcat/webapps/openam/WEB-INF/lib
  3. Restart AM.
  4. Login into LastPass MFA admin portal and open the Keys menu on the left side. Copy the LastPass MFA Login key value by clicking in the green button and save it for later.
  5. If you wish to enable user provisioning to LastPass MFA, then copy Generic API Key, and download the RSA public key. You'll need your RSA private key too.

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  1. Login into AM console as an administrator and go to Realms > Top Level Real > Authentication > Modules.
  2. Click on Add Module button. Name the module LastPass and select LastPass module from the Type list.


  1. Set LastPass MFA Key. Paste you LastPass MFA Login key from step 4 here.

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  1. Set Authentication URL with You can leave the other fields empty if you don't plan to enable user provisioning. Save changes.
  2. Set the following values from step 5 to enable user provisioning:
  • Generic API Key
  • RSA Private Key
  • RSA Public Key
  • Auth. Module URL: You need a working AM authentication module to authenticate users locally prior to be registered at LastPass. Set this URL replacing the required values (AM server and module's name) http://YOUR_AM_SERVER_HERE/openam/json/realms/root/authenticate?module=MODULE_NAME&authIndexType=module&authIndexValue=MODULE_NAME
  1. You can test the LastPass MFA authentication module by accessing this URL in your browser https://**YOUR_AM_SERVER_HERE**/openam/XUI/?realm=/#login/&module=LastPass.
  2. Enter your username and hit enter. LastPass MFA Authentication module will search for user email (mail or email attribute) in the data store if email is empty an email address will be generated from user DN. An authentication request will be send to LastPass through the LastPass MFA module. LastPass will verify you username and key. If everything is correct you should get an authentication request on your phone.


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