Nexus GO PDF Signing

Nexus GO PDF Signing is a service for making advanced digital signatures on PDF documents. Nexus GO PDF Signing works with different types of identities and its now possible to integrate with your favorite IDP via SAML to use already issued identities to sign documents.

Project Readme

N|Solid meets FORGEROCK


  1. Login to OpenAM
  2. Select Realm
  3. Click "Configure SAMLv2 Provider" screenshot
  4. Click "Created Hosted Identity Provider" screenshot
  5. Setup IDP
    1. Give the IDP a name
    2. Assign a Signing key to the IDP
    3. Add IDP to a new circle of trust
    4. Add the following attribute mappings
      • cn -> cn
      • mail -> mail
    5. Click Continue screenshot
    6. Click Finish screenshot
  6. Download IDP metadata with URL https://<IdP_FQDN>/openam/saml2/jsp/exportmetadata.jsp?entityid=

Setup IDP in Nexus GO

  1. Login to Nexus GO Portal
  2. Click Services screenshot
  3. Click "Signing" screenshot
  4. Select your signing service screenshot
  5. Click "Edit SAML IDP configuration" screenshot
  6. Set a display name
  7. Upload IDP metadata downloaded earlier
  8. Click "NEXT" screenshot
  9. Add the following attribute mappings
    • email -> mail
    • displayName -> cn
  10. Click "NEXT" screenshot
  11. Allow evenryone from this Idendity Provider as contributors
  12. Click "NEXT" screenshot
  13. Click "SUBMIT" screenshot
  14. Download SP metadata screenshot
  15. Copy Login URL

Import SP into FORGEROCK OpenAM

  1. Login to OpenAM
  2. Select Realm
  3. Click "Applications" screenshot
  4. Click "Federation" screenshot
  5. Click "Entity Provider" screenshot
  6. Import the SP metadata downloaded earlier screenshot screenshot

Login to Nexus GO signing portal

  1. Use link copied earlier screenshot
  2. Use user credentials setup in FORGEROCK OpenAM screenshot
  3. Start using the Nexus GO signing portal screenshot

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