An authentication node which validates the supplied password against the Have I Been Pwned database of compromised passwords. See also: and NIST guidelines:

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##Have I Been Pwned Password Authentication Node

An authentication decision node which checks the supplied password against the Have I Been Pwned database of passwords previously exposed in data breaches (

The Pwned Passwords service was created in August 2017 after NIST released guidance specifically recommending that user-provided passwords be checked against existing data breaches. In February 2018, version 2 of the service was released with more than half a billion passwords, each now also with a count of how many times they'd been seen exposed. A version 3 release in July 2018 contributed a further 15.6M passwords to bring the total to 517M.

See also: and NIST guidelines:


Copy the .jar file from the ../target directory into the ../web-container/webapps/openam/WEB-INF/lib directory where AM is deployed. Restart the web container to pick up the new node. The node will then appear in the authentication trees components palette.


The node configuration requires the name of the shared state variable (or transient shared state) containing the password to validate, and a threshold indicating the maximum number of recorded breaches the password is associated with before it is rejected. A value of 0 will reject any password which has been recorded in any breach.

This node provides 2 outcomes: true, indicating that the password is associated with a known breach, or false, indicating that no known breaches.


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