ImageWare IotDNA Authentication Node

Use iotDNA from ImageWare to enroll your IoT devices, then use this Authentication Node to verify the devices are who and what they claim to be.

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iotDNA Authentication Node

The iotDNA Authentication Node allows ForgeRock users to integrate their AM instance with ImageWare's "device fingerprinting" technology known as "iotDNA". The first part of the integration uses a stand-alone collection of iotDNA ReST calls to enroll a device; the second part then uses said device as part of the Authentication Tree described below.

This document assumes that you already have:

  1. an AM 5.5+ instance running with a user base configured
  2. an Android Wear device on which to install the verification APK at
  3. installed the User Attribute Authentication Node (
  4. installed the Queue Reader Node (
  5. access to an instance of iotDNA

Configuration in iotDNA

At a high-level, in iotDNA via the following calls first get an access token, then based on a device's serial number (see #2 above) coupled with a user's name, iotDna-enroll it. The result will be a GUID which will be needed during the iotDna-verify call which takes place later in the Authentication Node.

Thus for a user 'iotdna' with a wearable serial number of '601KPZK0343037':

A. curl -X POST https://{your iotDNA server address}/usermanager/oauth/token -d 'scope=IGNORED&grant_type=client_credentials' -H 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' -H 'Authorization: Basic {your base64 encoded credentials}'

= {result 1}

B. curl -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: Bearer {result 1}' -d '{ "allowDuplicate": true, "categories": [ "apk" ], "signature": {"signature":"iotdna601KPZK0343037"} }' 'https://{your iotDNA server address}/tenant/1/iot/enroll'

= {result 2}

C. Update in ForgeRock the user's attribute of sunIdentityMSISDNNumber with {result 2}. This will be checked later by the Authentication Node configured next below.

Configuration in ForgeRock

  1. In a new browser window login into the AM console as an administrator and go to Realms > Top Level Real > Authentication > Trees.

  2. Click on the Add Tree button. Name the tree iotDNA and click Create.

  3. Add the tree node Success to the canvas
    image alt text

  4. Add Username Collector node to the canvas and connect it's input originating from the Start node and it's output connect to the Success node image alt text

  5. Click on the Save button in the upper left corner image alt text

  6. Add the tree node User Attribute to the canvas. Fill in the values for your Server Address and Attribute Name (note the out of the box attribute used is 'sunIdentityMSISDNNumber') image alt text

  7. Configure these nodes as shown in this image: image alt text

  8. Click the Save button on the canvas (see image above in step #5).

  9. Add the tree node Queue Reader to the canvas. Fill in the values for a. your message server (see the Queue node outlined above) b. a suitable number of minutes till the message is considered expired and c. the name of the value captured from #6 ("UserAttribute") image alt text

  10. Configure these nodes as shown in this image, and lick the Save button on the canvas: image alt text

  11. Add the tree node iotDNA Node to the canvas. Fill in the value fors iotDnaAddress and iotDna Basic (from step B above). Configure these nodes as shown in this image: image alt text

  12. Add the tree node Polling Wait Node. Under the Waiting Message attribute, enter 'en' for the key and 'Open your wearable now' for the value and make sure to then click the + followed by the add button. image alt text

  13. Add the tree node Retry Limit Decision and configure these nodes as shown in this image, and then click Save: image alt text

Verification in a browser

  1. In a new private browser window navigate to http:(your AM instance name)/openam/XUI/#login&service=iotDNA . Enter a user's name that has been enrolled with the GUID mentioned above in step C. image alt text

Verification on your Watch

  1. At this point the Authentication Tree is waiting for the user to run the Wearable APK as described at
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