Developing Applications Using ForgeRock® SDKs

This course is for students who want to learn how to use the ForgeRock® SDKs to speed up the integration of JavaScript, Android, and iOS applications, within an access management solution. The course presents key use cases and features of the ForgeRock SDKs.

Chapter Playlist

Introducing the ForgeRock SDKs

Introduce the ForgeRock SDKs, describe how they fit into the Identity Platform, and how they interact with AM.

The SDKs and Common Use Cases
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ForgeRock SDKs Architecture and Common Use Cases

Explore the architecture of the ForgeRock SDKs and common use cases

Development Environment and Project Setup

Prepare Server

Prepare the server

iOS Environment and Project Setup

Understand the iOS environment and project setup

Android Environment and Project Setup

Understand the Android environment and project setup

JavaScript Environment and Project Setup

Understand the JavaScript environment and project setup