Identity Cloud Deep Dive: Identity Management

This course aims to showcase many of the features and capabilities of the versatile and powerful identity management solution in a ForgeRock® Identity Cloud environment. Solely focused on tuition via specially created Demo videos, students will explore these features in-depth, how they work, and the configuration options available during implementation

Chapter Playlist

Modeling Identities

Modeling an Identity Profile
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Object Types

Describe the different object types in Identity Cloud

Map Identity Object to Managed Object

Map an identity object to a managed object

Placeholder Attributes

Describe how to use placeholder attributes

Demo: Model a Managed User Object

Demonstration: Model a managed user object in Identity Cloud

Querying Identity Cloud Objects

Query Objects Using REST Interface

Describe how to query objects using the REST interface

Postman Collection

Describe how to use the Identity Cloud Postman collection

Demo: Prepare and Configure Postman Collection Variables

Demonstration: Prepare Identity Cloud and configure the Identity Cloud Postman collection variables

Query Objects Using Postman Collection

Demonstration: Query Identity Cloud objects using the Identity Cloud Postman collection

Managing Organizations

Organization Roles and Privileges

Describe the roles and privileges within an organization

Demo: Implement the Organization

Demonstration: Implement the organization example

Introducing Relationships

Purpose of Relationships

Describe the purpose of relationships

How Relationships are Stored in Schema

Describe how relationships are stored in the schema

Demo: Query Object Relationship Using REST Interface

Demonstration: Query an object relationship using the REST inteface