Getting Started With ForgeRock Identity Cloud

This course provides a high-level understanding of how ForgeRock┬« Identity Cloud works. Solely focused on tuition via specifically created Demo videos, students will learn the concepts and tasks necessary to successfully manage their own Identity Cloud environment.

Chapter Playlist

Integrating Applications and Gateways

Defining Applications
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Supported Application Types

Describe supported application types

Adding an Application Client Profile

ForgeRock SDKs Within Identity Cloud

Describe the role of the ForgeRock SDKs within Identity Cloud

Add an SPA Application

Add an SPA application

Demo: Enable Authentication via JavaScript Application

Demonstration: Enable a JavaScript application to use Identity Cloud for authentication

Integrating Identity Gateway

Introduce Identity Gateway

Introduce Identity Gateway

Integrate Identity Gateway

Integrate Identity Gateway with Identity Cloud

Demo: Integrate Identity Gateway Sample Application

Demonstration: Integrate the Identity Gateway sample application with Identity Cloud