This reference is written for access management designers, developers, and administrators using ForgeRock Access Management tools, logs, and global configuration.

Quick Start

Command-line Tools

Learn about the various AM command-line tools, such as ampassword and ssoadm.

Global Configuration Reference

Browse through the properties available when configuring an AM instance at the global level.

Standards Support

View the wide range of RFCs, standards, specifications, and internet-drafts supported by AM.

Ports Used

Ensure your environment allows traffic to the ports that AM requires for operation.


Discover the endpoints that AM provides, and decide if they are required in your deployment.

Log Files and Messages

View information about the different log files and messages AM outputs when using the classic Logging Service.

ForgeRock Access Management provides two online API references for developers:

  • Access Management Public API Javadocs. For a reference to the Access Management Java API, see the Javadoc.

  • ForgeRock® Common Rest API. Access Management provides an online reference to the Common REST API. Access the API on the AM console by pointing to the following URL:


About ForgeRock Identity Platform™ Software

ForgeRock Identity Platform™ serves as the basis for our simple and comprehensive Identity and Access Management solution. We help our customers deepen their relationships with their customers, and improve the productivity and connectivity of their employees and partners. For more information about ForgeRock and about the platform, see https://www.forgerock.com.

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