Software Requirements

The following sections list software requirements for deploying AM servers:

Operating System Requirements

ForgeRock supports customers using ForgeRock Access Management server software on the following operating system versions:

Supported Host Operating Systems
Operating SystemVersions
Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Centos7, 8
Amazon LinuxAmazon Linux 2018.03
SuSE12, 15

16.04 LTS

18.04 LTS

Windows Server2016, 2019

Java Requirements

The following table lists supported Java versions:

Supported Java Versions

OpenJDK, including OpenJDK-based distributions:

  • AdoptOpenJDK/Eclipse Adoptium

  • Amazon Corretto

  • Azul Zulu

  • Red Hat OpenJDK

ForgeRock tests most extensively with AdoptOpenJDK/Eclipse Adoptium.


Oracle Java


Web Application Container Requirements

The following table summarizes supported application containers and their required versions:

Supported Web Application Containers
Apache Tomcat8.5, 9
IBM WebSphere Liberty20.0.0.1
JBoss Enterprise Application Platform7.2
Wildfly12, 19

The web application container must be able to write to its own home directory, where AM stores configuration files.


Java Agents and Web Agents require the WebSocket protocol to communicate with AM.

Ensure that the container where AM runs, the web server/container where the agents run, and your network infrastructure all support the WebSocket protocol.

Refer to your network infrastructure and web server/container documentation for more information about WebSocket support.

Directory Server Requirements

This section lists supported directory servers.

As described in Generic LDAPv3 Configuration Properties, you can configure AM to use LDAPv3-compliant directory servers as user data stores. If you have a special request to deploy AM with a user data store not mentioned in the following table, contact

Supported Data Stores
Directory ServerVersionsConfigurationApps / PoliciesCTSIdentitiesUMA
Embedded Directory Services [a]7.0
External Directory Services/OpenDJ4.0+
File system-basedN/A     
Oracle Unified Directory11g R2     
Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition11g   
Microsoft Active Directory2016, 2019     
IBM Tivoli Directory Server6.4     

[a] Demo and test environments only

Supported Clients


Support for Internet Explorer 11 ends August 17, 2021, in alignment with the announcement from Microsoft ending support for Internet Explorer 11.

The following table summarizes supported clients and their minimum required versions:

Supported Clients
Client Platform Native Apps [a] Chrome 62+Internet Explorer 11+Edge 25+Firefox 57+Safari 11+Mobile Safari
Windows 8 or later [b]   
Mac OS X 10.11 or later     
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or later      
iOS 9 or later     
Android 6 or later      

[a] Native Apps is a placeholder to indicate the platform is not limited to browser-based technologies. An example of a native app would be something written to use our REST APIs.

[b] Windows 10 only.

Web and Java Agents Platform Requirements

The following table summarizes the minimum required version of web and Java agents:

Minimum Agent Version Required
Web Agents5.0.1
Java Agents5.0.1

AM supports several versions of web agents and Java agents. For supported container versions and other platform requirements related to agents, refer to the Web Agents Release Notes and the Java Agents Release Notes.

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