Retrieving Recording Information

Information recorded by AM is stored at the path debugFileLocation/record/issueID/referenceID. For example, if the debug file location is /home/openam/debug, the issue ID 103572, and the reference ID policyEvalFails, the path containing recorded information is /home/openam/debug/record/103572/policyEvalFails.

When there are multiple recording events with the same issueID and referenceID, AM appends a timestamp to the referenceID of the earliest paths. For example, multiple recording events for issue ID 103572 and reference ID policyEvalFails might be stored at the following paths:

  • Most recent recording: debugFileLocation/record/103572/policyEvalFails

  • Next most recent recording: debugFileLocation/record/103572/policyEvalFails_2015-10-24-11-48-51-902-PDT

  • Earliest recording: debugFileLocation/record/103572/policyEvalFails_2015-08-10-15-15-10-140-PDT

AM compresses the output from recording events when you set the zipEnable property to true. The output file can be found at the path debugFileLocation/record/issueID/ For example, compressed output for a recording event for issue ID 103572 and reference ID policyEvalFails might be stored at the following path: debugFileLocation/record/103572/

Use the referenceID property value to segregate output from multiple problem recreations associated with the same case. For example, while troubleshooting case 103572, you notice that you only have a problem when evaluating policy for members of the Finance realm. You could trigger two recording events as follows:

Segregating Recording Output Using the referenceID Value
AM BehaviorreferenceIDValueRecording Output Path
Policy evaluation behaves as expected for members of the Engineering realm. policyEvalSucceeds debugFileLocation/record/103572/policyEvalSucceeds
Policy evaluation unexpectedly fails for members of the Finance realm. policyEvalFails debugFileLocation/record/103572/policyEvalFails

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