AM release notes

Documentation updates

In addition to the changes described elsewhere in these notes, the published documentation for each AM version includes the following important changes.

AM 7.5

Date Description


Initial release of Access Management 7.5 software. The following documentation issues were addressed as part of this release:

  • OPENAM-22207: List HiddenValueCallback as interactive not read-only

  • OPENAM-22098: Additional information required in JWT validation example

  • OPENAM-22065: Fix Knowledge Base link in documentation

  • OPENAM-22061: The Get Session Data Node updates the objectAttributes

  • OPENAM-21964: Update and align documentation for secret default mappings

  • OPENAM-21914: Clarify deprecation and replacement of shared and transient state bindings

  • OPENAM-21900: The Identify Existing User Node updates the shared state username

  • OPENAM-21885: Clarify statement on realms in the API Explorer docs

  • OPENAM-21882: Document minimum OTP length for HOTP Generator node

  • OPENAM-21851: Clarify use of setting for the IdP

  • OPENAM-21801: Next generation scripting: Update nodeState.getObject

  • OPENAM-21798: Next generation scripting: Document "get" wrapper functions

  • OPENAM-21759: Clarify use of Java class allowlisting in next-generation scripting

  • OPENAM-21754: Add warning to library scrips about use of third party libraries

  • OPENAM-21723: Attribute Present Decision node documentation: Add note about case-sensitivity

  • OPENAM-21711: Incorrect acr_values step in Backchannel request grant AM documentation

  • OPENAM-21706: Policy evaluation will succeed for failed transactional authorization under certain condition

  • OPENAM-21699: Fix example for authenticating to specific services

  • OPENAM-21696: Add a note to the Set Custom Cookie node docs around host vs domain cookies

  • OPENAM-21670: Setup guide: Check and update link to affinity load balancing

  • OPENAM-21667: Sessions guide: Set JWT token expiry if you update max session TTL

  • OPENAM-21622: Retry limit decision node: Wrong shared state property name

  • OPENAM-21620: Node development: Improve and correct Node class documentation

  • OPENAM-21603: Missing spaces in catalina opts example prevents tomcat starting

  • OPENAM-21504: List Prometheus output with better description.

  • OPENAM-21418: Fix numbering in JWT profile sequence diagram

  • OPENAM-21413: Sample script in SAML docs does not work

  • OPENAM-21344: Update profile data scripting examples with try-catch blocks

  • OPENAM-20906: Artifact changes in AM 7.3 are not documented in Release Notes

  • OPENAM-20752: OAuth2 scripted policy condition variables needs updating

  • OPENAM-20522: State in docs that Sector Identifier URI is needed for Pairwise OAuth2Client profile

  • OPENAM-20349: Add detail to the Device Match node docs

  • OPENAM-19204: Customer cannot rely on Transient Node data for WebAuthN Authentication Node

  • OPENAM-18095: Update documentation with all available audit log fields

AM 7.4

Date Description


Initial release of Access Management 7.4 software.

  • Corrected name of SSOResponse binding in SAML SP adapter sample script.

  • Added links to Knowledge Base articles about restricting access to endpoints.

  • Updated social identity provider configuration reference with more information about transformation scripts and added realm to redirect URL example.

  • Provided more detail about audit log events.

  • Corrected error in WDSSO REST call in Authentication guide.

  • Note added about a SESSION_BLACKLIST token that exists for client-side authentication sessions.

  • Clarified documentation for the OIDC user info plugin that the /userinfo retrieves claims from the profile scope only.

  • Added explanation for audit filtering example in the Security guide.

  • Amended wording describing the Amster version used for upgrading exported configuration.

  • Updated instructions to download the UI source.

  • Documented changes to the OAuth 2.0 device authorization grant.

  • Updated format of scripting logger names

  • Fixed error in Device Profile Collector node documentation.

  • Clarified information around tuning the CTS connection pool.

  • Added note to caution that a certificate must exist in the keystore before mapping secrets to that keystore.

  • Removed references to unsupported CoreWrapper API from the documentation.

  • Improved the information about the bindings available to OAuth 2.0 scripted extensions.

  • Added more information for the following authentication nodes:

  • Corrected information about storing device data in shared state for OATH Registration node.

  • Updated Node development documentation with a note that OTP Email Sender node supports plain text notifications only.

  • Added note to advise installers and upgraders to remove web.xml entry to prevent a click-servlet exception.

  • Documented the new advanced property for defining the protocols AM uses to connect to a secure LDAP server.

  • Added new REST STS configuration property, STS Instance is running as remote instance. For details, refer to REST STS configuration

  • Updated Authentication guide with links to WS-Federation implementation steps in Knowledge Base.

  • Clarified supported claims when requesting policy decisions.

  • Added a table to list the certificates used in SAML 2.0 flows with their corresponding secret mappings. For details, refer to Certificates and secrets.

  • Clarified the steps to remove an AM instance in the installation guide.

  • Added the default path for audit logs on Windows.

  • Added a note about adding urls to Valid WReply List to ensure successful WS-Federation sign-on flow.

  • Added Inner Tree Node capabilities and restrictions.

  • Corrected an error in the deployment diagram. Refer to Example deployment topology.

  • Updated module information to refer readers to Knowledge Base articles about certificate authentication.

  • Fixed a documentation error relating to OAuth 2.0 email service configuration values.

  • Documented authentication session state management scheme differences and concerns. For details, refer to Server-side sessions and Client-side sessions.

  • Updated instructions for setting CATALINA_OPTS on Windows.

  • Documented the setting to configure the rotatable amadmin secret cache expiry time. Refer to org.forgerock.openam.secrets.special.user.secret.refresh.seconds.

  • Documented the new Enabled setting for external data stores.

AM 7.3

Date Description


Release of AM 7.3.1. The following documentation issues were addressed as part of this release:

  • OPENAM-20906: Artifact changes in AM 7.3 aren’t documented in Release Notes

  • OPENAM-20522: State that Sector Identifier URI is needed for Pairwise OAuth2Client profile

  • OPENAM-21620: Node development: Improve and correct Node class documentation

  • OPENAM-21699: Fix example for authenticating to specific services

  • OPENAM-21344: Update profile data scripting examples with try-catch blocks

  • OPENAM-21051: Update logger name and review debug logging page

  • OPENAM-17535: Authorization guide: Building the sample plugin is showing outdated info

  • OPENAM-21579: Java keystores require ASCII passwords

  • OPENAM-21580: Improve documentation on updating OAuth 2.0 clients

  • OPENAM-21573: Amster upgrade documentation description contains an error

  • OPENAM-20911: Corewrapper object no longer accessible in authentication nodes

  • OPENAM-21383: Instructions to download the UI source code are out of date

  • OPENAM-18078: Review documentation on endpoints

  • OPENAM-18606: The documentation to remove an AM instance is misleading

  • OPENAM-18468: Maintenance guide: Update config store connection pool values

  • OPENAM-20591: Prevent ClassNotFoundException when removing click-* jars

  • OPENAM-20835: Explain the SESSION_BLACKLIST token that exists for client-side authentication sessions

  • OPENAM-15083: Certificate Auth module needs detailed documentation

  • AME-25154: Update the CATALINA_OPTS in setenv.bat for Windows

  • OPENAM-21254: Complete note in Invalidate all sessions for a user section

  • OPENAM-16311: Rework transactional authorization over REST

  • OPENAM-19149: Clarify SAML certificates and secrets usage

  • OPENAM-19214: Authorization guide: Clarify supported claims in requesting policy decisions

  • OPENAM-18495: Provide details of each audit log event name in the AM documentation

  • OPENAM-21048: Error in Device Profile Collector node documentation

  • OPENAM-16191: Deployment images lost accuracy between release 13.5 and 6

  • OPENAM-17580: Document configuration settings needed for AM 6.5.3+ for WS-Federation token issuer endpoints

  • OPENAM-17906: State default path for audit logs on windows

  • OPENAM-20925: Inaccurate documentation on CTS tuning

  • OPENAM-16325: Inner Tree node capabilities and restrictions

  • OPENAM-20311: Document AM property for LDAPS protocol

  • OPENAM-19215: Missing documentation for WS Federation in Admin guide

  • OPENAM-18099: Explanation of rawProfile information and mappings

  • OPENAM-18092: Provide better explanation on default Social Identity Provider configuration

  • OPENAM-20038: Document which URLs for REST STS are made locally/remotely

  • OPENAM-20909: Align multi-version release notes with content of previous versions

  • OPENAM-20903: Clarify audit filtering example

  • OPENAM-20870: Access token script API is incomplete

  • OPENAM-20666: Caution against duplicate OIDC ACR mappings


Initial release of Access Management 7.3 software.

  • Removed instructions on using deprecated chains and modules to set up push authentication. Use authentication trees instead, as described in Push authentication journeys.

  • Updated the format of these release notes to list cumulative changes, instead of reflecting only the changes for the current release.

  • Clarified that AM truncates sequences of whitespace with a single whitespace when creating SAML v2.0 values such as entity IDs.

  • Removed use of deprecated with method from Scripted decision node API callbacks.

  • Documented new Use mixed case for password change messages property for the LDAP Decision node.

  • Added missing HTTP connector settings to WildFly setup instructions.

  • Updated information about --acceptLicense parameter in the Set up administration tools steps.

  • Removed access token from header in call to /oauth2/connect/endSession.

  • Documented how to mark configuration properties as passwords in the Node development guide.

  • Improved documentation for dynamic client registration.

  • Improved description of the Transformation Script field for the Social Provider Handler node.

  • Documented how to use the amupgrade tool to upgrade configuration.

  • Improved navigation of the authentication nodes configuration reference.

  • Clarified that the ForgeRockĀ® Authenticator app supports JPEG and PNG image formats.

  • Clarified location of setenv script in the Evaluation guide.

  • Updated installation and deployment graphics to show less complex DS installations.

  • Described the role of the Latest Access Time Update Frequency property in session management.

AM 7.2

Date Description


Release of AM 7.2.1. In addition to these release notes, the following changes were made to the documentation:

September 30, 2022

  • Updated the Choice Collector node documentation to clarify that the default choice is the first in the list if no default choice is specified.

  • Recommended the removal of the velocity-1.7.jar library after install or upgrade.

  • Added a step to the instructions on building custom nodes.

  • Added Logback.jsp logger names to the Debug logging documentation.


Initial release of Access Management 7.2.

AM 7.1

Date Description


Release of AM 7.1.4


Release of AM 7.1.3



Release of AM 7.1.2

For information on how to create and test an authentication tree using the OATH nodes, refer to One-Time Password Authentication Using Trees.


Initial release of AM 7.1.1

  • Updated the examples in the Accessing Shared State Data section.

  • Added documentation in Supported Callbacks about the following callbacks:

    • BooleanAttributeInputCallback

    • BooleanAttributeInputCallback

    • ConsentMappingCallback

    • KbaCreateCallback

    • NumberAttributeInputCallback

    • StringAttributeInputCallback

    • TermsAndConditionsCallback

    • ValidatedCreatePasswordCallback

    • ValidatedCreateUsernameCallback

  • Updated the Preparing for Development section to specify that you must include a nodeDescription property in nodes to ensure that they appear in the authentication tree designer.

  • Improved the procedure on mapping files in file system secret volumes to add more detail about how to encrypt and create filesystem-based secrets.

  • Updated the Directory Server Requirements to indicate that DS 5.+ is required as External Directory Server for 7.1.+.


Added a change in behavior to the logging on session timeout.


Release of AM 7.1.

AM 7.0

Date Description


Release of AM 7.0.3.


Release of AM 7.0.2.

  • Indicated that scripts should be upgraded as part of the upgrade process.

  • Improved the documentation about the request parameter of the /oauth2/authorize endpoint.

  • Noted support for Internet Explorer 11 ends August 17, 2021, in alignment with the announcement from Microsoft ending support for Internet Explorer 11.

  • Updated Session Upgrade documentation to clarify that the ForceAuth parameter used with an authentication tree causes AM to issue a new session token, regardless of the security requirements.


  • Updated the Supported Upgrade Paths section to remove the upgrade from OpenAM 13.X and add upgrade path from AM 7.x.

  • Added a new section, Managing the Secure Cookie Filter.

  • Removed information about Oracle Weblogic from the installation guide as it is not supported in this version.

  • Added a new section, OAuth 2.0 Scopes Policy Script API Functionality.

  • Updated the Scripting Environment documentation to show how to obtain the Groovy and JavaScript engine version that AM is using.

  • As part of hardening the security around the SAML v2.0 implementation that occurred in AM 7, the URLs specified in the Assertion Consumer Service must exactly match the SP’s scheme, FQDN, and port.

  • Added a new section, Setting Session Properties.


Release of AM 7.0.1.


Initial release of AM 7.

AM 6.5

Date Description


Initial release of AM 6.5.5.

In addition to the Release Note updates, the following changes were made to the documentation:


Initial release of AM 6.5.4.


  • Noted that support for Internet Explorer 11 ends August 17, 2021, in alignment with the announcement from Microsoft ending support for Internet Explorer 11.

  • Added information to the reference entry of the /oauth2/authorize request parameter.

  • Updated Authentication Parameters to clarify that the ForceAuth parameter used with an authentication tree causes AM to issue a new session token, regardless of the security requirements.

  • Added a deprecation notice for Oracle WebLogic Server. It is not, supported in AM 7.

  • Added a step to the Upgrade From a Supported Version procedure to indicate that scripts must be upgraded manually.




Initial release of AM 6.5.3.


Updated and improved the documentation around keystores, secret stores, and the AM startup process.

As part of this change, the advice about creating a bootstrap keystore separate from the default AM keystore has been removed and replaced with instructions on creating an AM keystore that is also the bootstrap keystore.


Release of AM


Release of AM


Release of AM


Release of AM 6.5.2.

  • Added a note about exporting Amster configuration files after running an upgrade to AM 6.5.

  • Updated the procedure for link:[configuring external policy and applications stores. You can now specify multiple URLs, with either active-passive or affinity connectivity.


Update the restriction on implementing SAML v2.0 single sign-on (SSO) and single logout (SLO) when running AM with client-based sessions. For details, refer to Session State Considerations.


Release of AM


Release of AM 6.5.1.


Documentation on audit logging to a PostgreSQL database.


Information on validating CSV logs to detect tampering.


Release of AM


Initial release of AM 6.5.

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