Configuring LDAP

Autonomous Identity installs an OpenLDAP Docker image on the target server to hold user data. Administrators can add or remove users or change their group privileges using the phpldapadmin command (see Creating and Removing Users).

You can configure the OpenLDAP repository specific to your environment using the ~/autoid-config/vars.yml file.

  1. Determine the LDAP domain, base DN, URL, group search base DN, and phpldapadmin port for your OpenLDAP repository.

  2. On the deployer node, add the OpenLDAP configuration settings specific to your system to the ~/autoid-config/vars.yml file:

      ldap_base_dn: dc=zoran,dc=com
      ldap_url: ldap://openldap
      ldap_groupsearchbase: ou=Groups,dc=zoran,dc=com
      ldap: true
      phpldapadmin_port: 80
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