Topology Planning

Based on existing production deployments, we have determined a suggested number of servers based on total entitlement assignments. These suggested number of servers are guidelines for your particular deployment requirements. Unique client requirements may require customization, which may differ from the listed number of servers.

For a description of possible production deployments, see Deployment Architectures in the Installation Guide.

Suggested Number of Servers

Data Set Ranges
Total Assignments<1M1-5M5-15M15M+
Suggested # of Servers
Application[a]Discuss with Autonomous Identity Team (dependent on HA requirements)

[a] Docker Swarm is designed to be highly available and may require 5 or more nodes. For a production deployment, the specific requirements can be discussed with the Autonomous Identity Team. Docker Swarm requirements are not correlated to data set size, but to front-end user requirements (for example, the number of users and frequency of use).

[b] For environments with more than 15 million assignments, server requirements will need to be specifically customized.

Production Technical Specifications

Autonomous Identity 2020.10.2 has the following technical specifications for production deployments:

Production Technical Specifications
Installed ComponentsDockerCassandraMongoDBSpark/Docker (Spark Master)
# of ServersSee "Suggested Number of Servers"See "Suggested Number of Servers"See "Suggested Number of Servers"See "Suggested Number of Servers"
RAM (GB)32323264
Non-OS Disk Space (GB)[a]1000100010001000
NFS Shared Mount

Application layer services require acess to the shared mount directory for analytics.


1 TB NFS mount shared across all Docker Swarm nodes (if more than 1 node is provisioned) at location separate from the non-OS disk space requirement. For example, /shared.


nginx: 443

Docker Manager: 2377 (TCP)

Docker Swarm: 7946 & 4789 (UDP) + 7946 & 2049 (TCP)

Client Protocol Port: 9042

Cassandra Nodes: 7000

Client Protocol Port: 27017

MongoDB Nodes: 30994

Spark Master: 7077

Spark Worders: Randomly assigned ports

LicensingN/A using Docker CE free versionN/AN/AN/A
Software VersionDocker: 19.03.8Cassandra: 3.11.2MongoDB: 4.4

Spark: 2.4.4

Docker: 19.03.8

Component Reference

See below.[b]

See below. [c]

See below. [d]

See below. [e]

[a] At root directory "/"

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