Key Fixes

Key Fixes in 2020.10.2
  • An important security upgrade was made to fix a vulnerability found in a third-party component.

Key Fixes in 2020.10.1
  • AUTOID-1539: Application owner and entitlement owner can take action for all the entitlements

  • AUTOID-1561: Deployer Upgrade(2020.9)::OpenLDAP Application owner group is not created

  • AUTOID-1570: API large dataset performance issues

  • AUTOID-1571: UI large dataset performance issues

  • AUTOID-1572: UI issues::2020.10

  • AUTOID-1613: Entitlements with / in name causing 404 errors in UI

  • AUTOID-1630: UI work for AUTOID-1422

  • AUTOID-1645: UI work for AUTOID-1421

  • AUTOID-1657: Fix approve/submit button color

  • AUTOID-1658: Consistent casing of section headings

  • AUTOID-1676: Alter ability to perform actions on user assignments based on permissions

  • AUTOID-1700: Upgrade-AutoID 2020.6.3 environment to 2020.10.0

  • AUTOID-1701: Build ES endpoints for Identities page

  • AUTOID-1702: Build ES endpoints for Entitlements page

  • AUTOID-1705: Cassandra certs don't get upgraded in multi-node

  • AUTOID-1767: Entitlements page only loading first 100 users for each rule

  • AUTOID-1768: Need to increase bucket size in elastic config to resolve large data load issues

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