Autonomous Identity 2022.11.11

About the Autonomous Identity API

Autonomous Identity provides a RESTful application programming interface (API) that lets you use HTTP request methods (GET, PUT, and POST) to interact with the system and its components. The API lets a developer make requests to send or receive data to an Autonomous Identity endpoint, a point where the API communicates with the system. The data that is sent or returned is in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format.

With the release of version 2021.8.4, Autonomous Identity no longer provides a Swagger client that you can access on the console. The Swagger UI was removed to tighten security within Autonomous Identity. However, you can download the Autonomous Identity API and import it into Postman.
You cannot import the Autonomous Identity API into Swagger as there is an existing CORS issue that breaks functionality.

Using Postman

Download the Autonomous Identity API
  1. On an upgraded Autonomous Identity instance, open a browser, and log in using your account at

  2. Point your browser to An Opening Swagger dialog appears.

  3. Save the file as api.yml or conf.yml to your local server or laptop.

  4. Open Postman, and click Import. The file is imported into Postman.

  5. Click Zoran-API-Service.

Click an example
postman api

You now can access the Autonomous Identity API in Postman.

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