Autonomous Identity 2022.11.4

Stopping and Starting

Getting Container Information

  1. On the target node, get system wide information about the Docker deployment. It shows the number of containers, the number of running, paused, and stopped containers.

    $ docker info
  2. If you want to get debug information, use the -D option. The option specifies that all docker commands will output debug information.

    $ docker info -D
  3. Get all container information on your system.

    $ docker ps -a
  4. Get docker service information on your system.

    $ docker service ls
  5. Get docker images on your system.

    $ docker images


The -f option will output all the bootstrap logs in the foreground. bin/cassandra ‑f

nodetool info

To see detailed statistics about your tables, including:
   — Read/Write request counts
   — Read/Write latencies
   — Space on disk
   — SSTable count
   — Bloom filter statistics

nodetool cfstats

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