Autonomous Identity 2022.11.5

Documentation updates

The following table tracks changes to the documentation following the release of Autonomous Identity 2022.11.5:

Documentation Change Log
Date Description


Added a step to install the Python wheel file after upgrade with deployer pro. Refer to Upgrade from 2022.11.x to 2022.11.5 (Non Air-Gap) using deployer pro or Upgrade from 2022.11.x to 2022.11.5 Air-Gapped using deployer pro.


Added a line that you need to update your third-party software packages to the supported versions prior to upgrading Autonomous Identity. Refer to Upgrade from Autonomous Identity 2022.11.x to 2022.11.5 using deployer pro.


Initial release of Autonomous Identity 2022.11.5.

  • Updated the Python version. Refer to Third-party software.

  • Moved the Ports section from the release notes to the installation section.


Initial release of Autonomous Identity 2022.11.4.


Added a known issue. Refer to Known issues in 2022.11.3.


Added a section on updating the domain and namespace in existing deployments. Refer to Customize the Domain and Namespace (New deployments).



Initial release of Autonomous Identity 2022.11.2.


Initial release of Autonomous Identity 2022.11.1.


  • Removed the refresh-company-view command as it is no longer required in the Analytics pipeline process.

  • Updated the steps to install the Python egg file. Refer to Install Autonomous Identity.

  • Removed sections pertaining to third-party component backup-restore and import-export data in the Server Maintenance.


Added a section to change the MongoDB password post-deployment. Refer to Change the MongoDB password post-deployment.


Initial release of Autonomous Identity 2022.11.0.

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