Autonomous Identity 2022.11.9

Creating and Removing Users

You can set up users within Autonomous Identity using the phpldapadmin command.

Log in to phpldapadmin

  1. Make sure you have Autonomous Identity successfully installed and deployed in your environment.

  2. Add the phpldapadmin URL to your /etc/hosts file. Add your specific IP address to the file.

  3. Access the phpldapadmin tool via your browser. Enter the following URL:
  4. On the phpldapadmin page, click login in the navigation bar on the left side.

  5. On the Authenticate to server openldap page, enter cn=admin,dc=zoran,dc=com, and then enter your admin password. Click Authenticate to proceed.

  6. On the left-hand navigation bar, expand the menu, and then click ou=People.

  7. Under ou=People, select any user to access their profile, and then click <user> or move this entry.

  8. On the Destination DN, change the name of the user to the user you want to add, and then click Copy. For example, let’s create a new user: Mary Smith,ou=People,dc=zoran,dc=com
  9. On the Create Object page, change the following fields, and then click Create Object.

    • displayName. Mary Smith

    • givenName. Smith

    • homeDirectory. /home/users/mary.smith

    • Password. Enter a password for this user.

    • sn. Mary

    • title. Enter a title: admin, supervisor, entitlement owner, or user.

    • uidNumber. Enter a unique uid number.

    • User Name. Enter mary.smith.

  10. On the Create LDAP Entry page, review the entry, and click Commit.

Add User to a Group

The user that you created must be assigned to one of six groups: User, Supervisor, Executive, Entitlement Owner, Application Owner, and Admin.

  1. On the phpldapadmin screen, click a user group. For this example, click cn=Zoran User.

  2. Under uniqueMember, click Add Value, and then enter the user DN. For this example, enter,ou=People,dc=zoran,dc=com.

  3. Under uniqueMember, click Update Object.

  4. Verify that you want to add the user under the New Value column, and then click Update Object.

Delete a User

  1. On the phpldapadmin screen, click ou=People to expand it, and then click the user who you want to delete.

  2. At the top, click Delete this entry.

  3. Under uniqueMember, click Update Object.

  4. Verify that you want to delete the user. Click Delete. The user will be removed from the branch and from the ou=Groups branch.

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