Use this guide to get a quick, hands-on look at what Directory Services software can do. You will download, install, and use DS on your local computer. Expect to spend 30-120 minutes working through this guide.

Quick Start

Install DS

Download and install DS server software.

Learn LDAP

Learn LDAP using the server DS tools.


Learn to access the directory over HTTP.

Learn Replication

Learn to replicate data between DS servers.

Measure Performance

Learn how to measure search and modify performance.

Learn ACIs

Learn how to protect directory data.

ForgeRock Identity Platform™ serves as the basis for our simple and comprehensive Identity and Access Management solution. We help our customers deepen their relationships with their customers, and improve the productivity and connectivity of their employees and partners. For more information about ForgeRock and about the platform, see https://www.forgerock.com.

The ForgeRock Common REST API works across the platform to provide common ways to access web resources and collections of resources.

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