DS release notes


The functionality listed here has been removed.

DS 7.5

  • Support for Java 11 has been removed.

    When upgrading to this version, follow the instructions in Before you upgrade.

  • The dsrepl start-disaster-recovery and dsrepl end-disaster-recovery commands have been removed.

    For instructions on what to use instead, refer to the disaster recovery documentation instead.

  • Support for SNMP monitoring has been removed.

  • The deprecated /admin and /api (REST to LDAP) endpoints have been removed from the configuration for new servers.

    If you must create them temporarily for compatibility, refer to When adding new servers.

DS 7.4

  • The file-based debug log publisher has been removed.

    An error log publisher now writes debug-level messages. For details, refer to Debug-level logging.

  • The Argon2 password storage configuration property argon2-migration-memory has been removed.

    If necessary, set argon2-memory-pool-size instead.

DS 7.3

  • The following deprecated command-line options have been removed:


    Use the alternatives suggested in Deprecated since DS 7.1 instead.

  • The Degraded replica status and degraded-status-threshold configuration property have been removed.

    When the replication delay is more than five seconds, the dsrepl status command reports the replica is SLOW.

  • The advanced LDAP connection handler property send-rejection-notice has been removed.

    The LDAP connection handler no longer sends an extended response message with a notice of disconnection when rejecting a new client connection.

DS 7.2

  • The lookthrough-limit setting has been removed. Use time-limit instead.

DS 7.1

  • You can no longer add new DS servers to a deployment with OpenDJ 2.6 or earlier servers.

    Instead, upgrade older servers before adding new servers.

  • DS server configuration support for extending group implementations, including group implementation configuration objects, their properties, and the related dsconfig subcommands.

    In previous releases, an administrator could disable and enable group implementations, and could change the Java class of a group implementation as part of the server configuration.

    The default group implementations continue to work as documented in Groups.

DS 7.0

  • Support for Java 8 has been removed.

    Support for 32-bit JVMs has also been removed.

    When upgrading to this version, follow the instructions in Before you upgrade.

  • The backup and restore commands have been removed. Use the dsbackup command instead.

  • The dsreplication command has been removed.

    You now configure replication as part of the setup process using the setup --replicationPort and setup --bootstrapReplicationServer options. For details and examples, refer to Installation.

    For most operations, use the dsrepl command. Since replication configuration is part of the setup process, the dsrepl command does not include a command for configuring replication. For examples using the new command, refer to Replication, and Changelog for notifications.

    To temporarily suspend and resume replication, use the dsconfig command. For details, refer to Disable replication.

  • The ads-truststore and ads-truststore.pin files have been removed.

    For new deployments, DS servers protect secret keys with a shared master key. The setup process derives the shared master key from the deployment ID and password.

  • The JVM profiler plugin has been removed.

  • The following monitoring metrics have been removed:

    • LDAP metrics:

      • ds-mon-approx-oldest-change-not-synchronized

      • ds-mon-approximate-delay

      • ds-mon-missing-changes

    • Prometheus metrics:

      • ds_replication_changelog_connected_replicas_approx_oldest_change_not_synchronized_seconds

      • ds_replication_changelog_connected_replicas_approximate_delay_seconds

      • ds_replication_changelog_connected_replicas_missing_changes

  • The following monitoring metrics depending on the JVM implementation are not stable interfaces. They have been removed from the documentation:

    Garbage collection statistics

    Affected metrics have names like ds-mon-jvm-garbage-collector-* under cn=monitor, and ds_jvm_garbage_collector_* in Prometheus output.

    Memory pool use

    Affected metrics have names like ds-mon-jvm-memory-pools-* under cn=monitor, and ds_jvm_memory_pools_* in Prometheus output.

  • The No-Op alias for the LDAP no-op control (OID: has been removed.

    Use the NoOp alias or the OID instead.

DS 6.5

  • The manage-account get-password-history subcommand has been removed due to security concerns.

DS 6.0

  • The control panel has been removed. Use the command line tools instead.

  • The dsreplication subcommands enable and disable have been removed.

    Use the configure and unconfigure subcommands instead.

  • Support for PDB backend databases has been removed in this release. DS supports JE backend databases.

    As a result, the setup directory-server option, -t | --backendType, has been removed.

  • The JE backend database advanced properties, db-txn-no-sync and db-txn-write-no-sync, have been removed.

    Use db-durability instead.

  • The EL expression implementation for using variables in server configurations has been removed.

  • The PIN and password related configuration properties listed in the following table have been removed.

    Old roperties Use this instead…​





















    To replace these properties, use configuration expressions. For example, to replace key-store-pin-file: config/keystore, use key-store-pin: &{file:config/keystore}. To replace key-store-pin-property: ds.keystore.pin, use key-store-pin: &{ds.keystore.pin}.

  • The dsconfig get-root-dn-prop and dsconfig set-root-dn-prop subcommands have been removed.

  • Support for assured replication has been removed in this release.

    The interface stability of assured replication has been classified as Internal.

DS 5.5

  • Support for Java 7 has been removed.

  • Support for Solaris has been removed.

  • The setup command no longer supports addition of an instance.loc file to specify the instance path during server setup.

    If you do create an instance.loc file prior to setting up the server, the setup command fails with an error indicating either that the server has already been set up (when the instance.loc file references a valid server instance path), or that the instance.loc file (when the path it references does not exist, yet).

    Use the setup --instancePath option instead.

  • The uninstall command has been removed.

  • The advanced JE backend properties, db-evictor-lru-only and db-evictor-nodes-per-scan, have been removed. When you upgrade a directory server, the upgrade command removes these properties from the configuration.

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