This guide describes a number of sample deployments that demonstrate the core functionality of ForgeRock Identity Management software. The samples correspond to the configurations provided in the openidm/samples directory.

This guide is written for anyone testing ForgeRock Identity Management to manage identities, and to ensure compliance with identity management regulations.

The guide covers a number of ForgeRock Identity Management features, often including multiple features in a single sample.

You don't need a complete understanding of ForgeRock Identity Management software to learn something from this guide, although a background in identity management and maintaining web application software can help. You do need some background in managing services on your operating systems and in your web application containers. You can nevertheless get started with this guide, and then learn more as you go along.

Quick Start


Get a summary of all the samples in this guide, and learn how to set up a ForgeRock Directory Services (DS) server to run the LDAP samples.

Start Here

Read the setup steps that apply to all samples.

Sync With CSV

Start with a basic sample that shows one-way synchronization from a CSV file to IDM.

Sync With LDAP

Start with a basic sample that shows one-way synchronization from an LDAP directory to IDM.

Sync Two External Resources

Learn how to synchronize two resources without storing data in IDM.


Show liveSync between external LDAP resources.

ForgeRock Identity Platform™ serves as the basis for our simple and comprehensive Identity and Access Management solution. We help our customers deepen their relationships with their customers, and improve the productivity and connectivity of their employees and partners. For more information about ForgeRock and about the platform, see https://www.forgerock.com.

The ForgeRock Common REST API works across the platform to provide common ways to access web resources and collections of resources.

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