Whitelisting Audit Event Fields for the Logs

To prevent logging of sensitive data for an audit event, the Common Audit Framework uses a whitelist to specify which audit event fields appear in the logs.

By default, only whitelisted audit event fields are included in the logs. For information about how to include non-whitelisted audit event fields, or exclude whitelisted audit event fields, see "Including or Excluding Audit Event Fields In Logs".

Audit event fields use JSON pointer notation, and are taken from the JSON schema for the audit event content. The following event fields are whitelisted:

  • /_id

  • /timestamp

  • /eventName

  • /transactionId

  • /trackingIds

  • /userId

  • /client

  • /server

  • /http/request/secure

  • /http/request/method

  • /http/request/path

  • /http/request/headers/accept

  • /http/request/headers/accept-api-version

  • /http/request/headers/content-type

  • /http/request/headers/host

  • /http/request/headers/user-agent

  • /http/request/headers/x-forwarded-for

  • /http/request/headers/x-forwarded-host

  • /http/request/headers/x-forwarded-port

  • /http/request/headers/x-forwarded-proto

  • /http/request/headers/x-original-uri

  • /http/request/headers/x-real-ip

  • /http/request/headers/x-request-id

  • /http/request/headers/x-requested-with

  • /http/request/headers/x-scheme

  • /request

  • /response

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