April 2021

Information has about the session property has been added to "AdminHttpApplication (admin.json)".

Clarification of the role of the property version in "AmService".

February 2021

Release of Identity Gateway 7.0.2 software.

October 2020

Release of Identity Gateway 7.0.1 software.

September 2020

The Identity Cloud Guide for IG has been added to provide examples of how to integrate your business application and APIs with ForgeRock Identity Cloud for Single Sign-On and API Security.

August 2020

Initial release of Identity Gateway 7 software.

In addition to the changes described elsewhere in these notes, the following important changes were made to the documentation:

  • The Maintenance Guide has been added to describe tasks and configurations you might repeat throughout the life cycle of a deployment in your organization. The guide is for anyone who sets up and maintains IG services for their organization.

    The following chapters have been moved from the Gateway Guide:

  • The Studio User Guide has been added to describe how to use the IG studio to design and develop routes to protect applications. Examples that used Studio have been moved from the Gateway Guide.

  • The Deployment Guide now refers to the Docker image provided with the product. Previously, it referred to a Dockerfile provided on Github.

  • Information about how decorators are implemented in IG has been moved from the Reference Guide to "Decorators". Information about the decorators provided by IG, remains in Decorators.

Best Practices
  • Information about how to install IG in standalone mode, installed from a .zip file, has been added to "Downloading and Starting IG in Standalone Mode".

    Pointers for migrating from web container mode to standalone mode, have been added to Migration.

  • Information about how create a Docker image from the Dockerfile provided in the IG .zip file, has been added to Deployment Guide.

  • Information about how to do a basic installation of IG in Tomcat and JBoss has been moved from the Gateway Guide to the Getting Started Guide.

  • Information about how to configure IG for HTTPs (server-side) has been added to Installation in Detail.

More Overviews
  • "Sessions" has been added to provide an overview of how IG manages sessions.

  • Information about the Delegate object has been added to the target property of "OAuth2ClientFilter".

  • Information about the properties of ${attributes.openid} has been added to "AttributesContext".

More Examples

Supported Standards has been added to list the standards supported by IG.

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