Java Policy Agents 2023.3

Agent Filter Mode Map

A map of web application name to agent filter mode:

  • Key: Web application name.

  • Value: Agent filter mode.

The following example configures one filter mode for the BankApp web application. All other web applications use the default filter mode, URL_POLICY:[BankApp]=SSO_ONLY

The following example configures the NONE filter mode for all applications in the web container:[ALL]=NONE

The mode J2EE_POLICY does not apply to Java Agents 5.10. However, for backward-compatibility, it is displayed in the AM agent profile page.

Property name


  Introduced in Java Agent 5.0
  Recognized from AM 6
  Introduced in Java Agent

Supported settings


The agent performs no authentication check, and grants access to any resource. When the value is NONE and logging is enabled, for auditing purposes, the agent filter logs all incoming requests.


Any user having either a valid SSO token or JWT can access any resource.


The normal operating mode of the agent, in which resource access is granted by AM policy evaluation.



Bootstrap property


Required property


Restart required


Local configuration file

AM console

Tab: Global

Title: Agent Filter Mode Map

Legacy title: Agent Filter Mode

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