public struct Action

Action is a representation of behaviour of each Request that ForgeRock SDK generates. Action is used for RequestInterceptor to easily identify what type of Request is currently being made and for developers to easily understand and take appropriate modification on the given Request object in RequestInterceptor.


Currently, ForgeRock SDK makes following Requests with corresponding Actions:

   1. START_AUTHENTICATE - Initial Request made: '/json/realms/{realm}/authenticate'
   2. AUTHENTICATE - Any subsequent Request made: '/json/realms/{realm}/authenticate'
   3. RESUME_AUTHENTICATE - Resume /authenticate request made with 'suspendedId': '/json/realms/{realm}/authenticate'
   4. AUTHORIZE - A '/oauth2/realms/{realm}/authorize' request for exchanging SSO Token to Authorization code
   5. EXCHANGE_TOKEN - OAuth2 token exchange request with Authorization Code: '/oauth2/realms/{realm}/access_token'
   6. REFRESH_TOKEN - OAuth2 token renewal request with given 'refresh_token': '/oauth2/realms/{realm}/access_token'
   7. REVOKE_TOKEN - OAuth2 token revocation with given 'access_token' or 'refresh_token': '/oauth2/realms/{realm}/token/revoke'
   8. LOGOUT - AM Session logout request to revoke SSO Token: '/json/realms/{realm}/sessions?_action=logout'
   9. PUSH_REGISTER - AM Push registration for Authenticator SDK: '/json/push/sns/message?_action=register'
   10. PUSH_AUTHENTICATE - AM Push authentication for Authenticator SDK: '/json/push/sns/message?_action=authenticate'
   11. USER_INFO - OIDC OAuth2 userinfo request: '/oauth2/realms/{realm}/userinfo'
   12. END_SESSION - OIDC end session request: '/oauth2/realms/{realm}/connect/endSession'
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    public let type: String
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    public let payload: [String : Any]?
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    public init(type: ActionType, payload: [String : Any]? = nil)