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ForgeRock SDK for JavaScript

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The ForgeRock JavaScript SDK enables you to quickly integrate the ForgeRock Identity Platform into your client-side JavaScript apps.

Use the SDKs to leverage Intelligent Authentication in ForgeRock's Access Management (AM) product, to easily step through each stage of an authentication tree by using callbacks.


  • ForgeRock Identity Platform

    • Access Management (AM) 6.5.2+
  • Browsers:

Tip: Older browsers (like IE11) may require multiple polyfills, which can be found in our documentation.


npm install @forgerock/javascript-sdk

Getting Started

To try out the ForgeRock JavaScript SDK, perform these steps:

  1. Setup CORS support in an Access Management (AM) instance.

    See Enabling CORS Support in the Documentation.

  2. Create an authentication tree in AM.

    See Creating a User Authentication Tree in the Documentation.

  3. Clone this repo:

    git clone
  4. In the root folder of the repo, use NPM to install dependencies:

    npm install
  5. Build the ForgeRock JavaScript SDK:

    npm run build
  6. Open samples/embedded-login/index.html and edit the configuration values to match your AM instance.

  7. Serve the samples directory by using a simple HTTP server.

    • Run npm run start:samples
  8. Edit your /etc/hosts file to point your localhost (e.g. to

  9. In a supported web browser, navigate to, and then click Embedded Login.


ForgeRock provides these samples to help demonstrate SDK functionality/implementation. They are provided "as is" and are not official products of ForgeRock and are not officially supported.

  • Embedded login - /samples/embedded-login

    In most real-world scenarios, you will want to have full control over the UI. In these cases, you can use FRAuth to obtain typed callback instances from authentication trees and render the UI in whatever way makes sense for your application.

    You can run this sample app with the npm run start:samples command. Please see the Getting Started instructions for more details.

  • Central login - /samples/central-login

    In cases in which a centralized login application is desired, in contrast to an embedded login form, the SDK provides a method for leveraging an OAuth flow known as Authorization Code Flow (with PKCE). By using an option (login of "redirect") provided by TokenManager to request OAuth/OIDC tokens, when the user is not authenticated, the SDK will redirect the user to the configured login application with the ForgeRock platform. Once authenticated, the user will be redirected back to the original application to attain OAuth/OIDC tokens to complete the user flow.

    You can run this sample app with the npm run start:samples command. Please see the Getting Started instructions for more details.

  • React todos - /samples/reactjs-todos

    A sample React JS application is provided to demonstrate how the JavaScript SDK can be implemented within a React context. You can read more about this application by visiting its file.

    Since this sample app uses npm's workspaces feature, npm 7 or higher is required. When on npm 7+, dependencies are already installed when running npm install. You can run this sample app with: npx nx run reactjs-todo:serve.


Documentation for the SDKs is provided at, and includes topics such as:

  • Introducing the SDK Features
  • Preparing AM for use with the SDKS
  • API Reference documentation


If you encounter any issues, be sure to check our Troubleshooting pages.

Support tickets can be raised whenever you need our assistance; here are some examples of when it is appropriate to open a ticket (but not limited to):

  • Suspected bugs or problems with ForgeRock software.
  • Requests for assistance - please look at the Documentation and Knowledge Base first.

You can raise a ticket using BackStage, our customer support portal that provides one stop access to ForgeRock services.

BackStage shows all currently open support tickets and allows you to raise a new one by clicking New Ticket.

Version History

Our version history can be viewed by visiting our


If you would like to contribute to this project you can fork the repository, clone it to your machine and get started.

Be sure to check out our Coding Style and Guidelines page.


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