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How do I upgrade Amster configuration files when upgrading to AM 6.5?

Last updated Jan 17, 2019

The purpose of this article is to provide information on upgrading to AM 6.5 if you have Amster configuration files.

Background information

The Amster Configuration Upgrader tool is not included in AM 6.5 as noted in the release notes: Release Notes › Important Changes to Existing Functionality.

Additionally, there is a known issue in AM 6.5 (fixed in AM, where an export using the --failOnError true option fails with the following error:

ERROR java.lang.IllegalArgumentException:
Illegal character in path at index 11: json/users/{user}/devices/2fa/webauthn?_queryFilter=true
   at (
   at (
   at (
   at (
   at (
   at (
   at (
   at org.forgerock.openam.amster.loadster.exporter.EntityWriter.writeCollection (EntityWriter.groovy:85)
   at org.forgerock.openam.amster.loadster.exporter.GenericExporter.exportEntity (GenericExporter.groovy:29)

You can either exclude the --failOnError option or set it to false as a workaround; the export will then proceed and just log an error about the endpoint it does not need to query.

See OPENAM-14049 (Amster export failure ) for further information. This issue is fixed in AM

Upgrading Amster configuration files

You can upgrade Amster configuration files as follows:

  1. Perform a standard upgrade by following the steps in Upgrade Guide › To Upgrade From a Supported Version.
  2. Export the configuration from the upgraded server using Amster (either using the --failOnError false option or excluding the --failOnError option). For example:
    am> export-config --path /path/to/export --failOnError false
    The exported configuration is now up-to-date with AM 6.5 and can be used as required.

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