Scripting API Functionality

AM provides the following scripting functionality:

"Scripted Module API Functionality"

(Authentication chains only) How to access authentication state data, user profile data, request data, and information gathered by client-side scripts.

"Scripted Decision Node API Functionality"

(Authentication trees only) How to access data in request headers, shared state, and user session data.

"Policy Condition Script API Functionality"

How to access the authorization state data, the information pertaining a session, and the user's profile data in authorization policies.

Scripting OpenID Connect 1.0 Claims

How to map scopes to claims and data for OpenID Connect ID tokens.

Modifying the Content of Access Tokens

How to modify the key-value pairs contained within an OAuth 2.0 access token.

"Accessing HTTP Services"

How to configure the parameters for the HTTP client object in any server-side script.

"Debug Logging"

How to add debug logging to any server-side script.

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