About the UI

The UI is split in the following ways:

  • User UI, which contains any end user pages and login pages.

  • Admin UI, which contains any pages related to the administration of an AM server. Note, administrative logins are delegated to the user UI.

When you deploy AM to protect your applications, you can redirect your users to AM pages for login and logout. The end user pages have ForgeRock styling and branding by default, and are fully customizable. You can theme them, localize them, and change their layout.


AM's administration console cannot be customized, themed, or localized. However, changes in in the common components of the UI, such as the footer, do also appear in the administration console UI.

ForgeRock provides the source code of the UI so you can customize it to fit your organization requirements. Customization of the layout of the pages or the JavaScript resources require a complete rebuild of the UI, but other customization, such as localizing or theming the UI, can be performed in the WAR file instead.

The recommended approach to customize the UI is to download the source code, modify it to suit your environment, and then either deploy it in your AM instances as part of your environment pipelines or pack it in your custom AM WAR files, then deploy them.

The UI contains the following types of resources:

UI Resources
JavaScript source and configuration filesopenam-ui-user/src/js
CSS collectionsopenam-ui-user/src/resources/css
Localization filesopenam-ui-user/src/resources/locales
• Partialsopenam-ui-user/src/resources/themes/default/partials
• HTML pagesopenam-ui-user/src/resources/themes/default/templates

Some of the resources, such as the CSS collections, are subdivided in directories depending on if they apply to the administrator pages, user pages, or to both.

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