Localizing AM

Both user-facing and the administration pages are provided only in English, but you can customize and localize the user-facing text as required.

The English text is provided in .json files located in the openam-ui-user/src/resources/locales/en directory.

To localize the user-facing text to a new locale:

  1. Copy the English locale directory locales/en to a new directory, for example, locales/fr.

    The name of the directory should be specified as per rfc5646 - Tags for Identifying Languages. For example, en-GB.

  2. Edit the files and change the values of the elements for the required locale taking care not to change the JSON structure or to render it invalid.

  3. Rebuild the UI. For more information, see "To Rebuild and Deploy the UI".

    You can now redeploy the UI or pack it in your custom AM .war file.

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