Migrating Legacy Instances

Rather than upgrade legacy instances (running OpenSSO or Sun Access Manager, or an OpenAM or AM version that is no longer supported), you instead manually migrate from your existing deployment to a new deployment.

For complex legacy deployments, ForgeRock can assist you in the migration process. Send mail to info@forgerock.com for more information.

To Upgrade A Legacy Deployment
  1. Prepare your customized AM WAR file.

  2. Prepare a new deployment, installing servers from the new, customized WAR file, starting with the instructions in Installing Instances.

  3. After installation, configure the new servers in the same way as the old servers, adapting as necessary.

    You can use the ssoadm do-batch command to apply multiple changes with one command.

  4. Validate that the new service is performing as expected.

  5. Redirect client application traffic from the old deployment to the new deployment.

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