What’s New

This page covers new features and improvements in Amster.

What’s New in Amster 7.1

  • Support for AM 7.1 or Later Only

    Amster 7.1 supports exporting and importing configuration from AM 7.1 or later.

    If you have a previous version of Amster:

    1. Perform a fresh installation of Amster 7.1.

      For more information, see Install Amster.

    2. Migrate any Amster Groovy scripts from the previous Amster installation.

      Take into account any changes in functionality.

    3. Convert any JSON configuration files that were exported from AM 5 or later.

      The AM 7.1 ZIP file includes a configuration file upgrade tool. For more information on converting configuration files for import into AM 7.1, see the README.md file in the Config-Upgrader-7.1.0.zip file.

    4. Test the new Amster installation.

    5. Delete the previous Amster installation.