Before you install

This page covers software and hardware prerequisites for installing and running Amster.

ForgeRock supports customers using the versions specified here. Other versions and alternative environments might work as well. When opening a support ticket for an issue, however, make sure you can also reproduce the problem on a combination covered here.

Supported host operating systems
Operating System Versions

Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Centos

7, 8

Amazon Linux

2018.03, 2


12, 15


18.04 LTS, 20.04 LTS, 22.04

Windows Server

2016, 2019

Supported Java versions
Vendor Versions(1)

OpenJDK, including OpenJDK-based distributions:

  • AdoptOpenJDK/Eclipse Temurin Java Development Kit (Adoptium)

  • Amazon Corretto

  • Azul Zulu

  • Red Hat OpenJDK

ForgeRock tests most extensively with AdoptOpenJDK/Eclipse Temurin.

ForgeRock recommends using the HotSpot JVM.

11, 17

Oracle Java

11, 17

(1) Always use a JVM with the latest security fixes.

Special requests

If you have a special request regarding support for a combination not listed here, contact ForgeRock at

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