Autonomous Identity 2021.3.4


Autonomous Identity captures information in its log files that are useful when troubleshooting problems.

Deployment Logs

When running the ansible playbook during the deployment, logs are printed to your screen (STDOUT). Further information is available through the -v or --verbose. For more information, try -vvx. Toe enable connection debugging, try -vvvv.

The Cassandra install log file (installcassandra.log ) is located at /data/opt/autoid/cassandra .

Front-End Logs

You can view any output logs of the running services on Docker.

$ docker service logs <SERVICE NAME> --follow
$ docker service ps <SERVICE NAME> --no-trunc

Cassandra Logs

You can view any output logs of the Cassandra database, which is kicked-off at startup. Autonomous Identity pipes the output meesage to a log file in the standard installation folder.

Cassandra Log Locations
Cassandra Log Locations
Log Location

Standard Cassandra log


Backup Log


Other Logs


Analytic Logs

You can specify the path for analytic logs in the configuration file. The file path can be changed to any path but must always be within the base path.

For example, you can determine the analytic files in the /data/other/logs .

Spark UI

If the Spark UI is not available on port 8080 of the Spark master server, then do the following:

  • Check the Spark start-up logs and check if the status of Spark UI port if 8080 is not the default port or if there is another service using the port.

  • If the UI is not accessible, run some curl commands to check the core and memory in the cluster.

    $ curl -s https://<ip-addres>:8080 | grep -A 2 'Memory in use'
     curl -s https://<ip-address>:8080 | grep -A 2 'Cores in use'
    For more information about the Spark REST API: REST API.
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