Autonomous Identity 2022.11.11

Prepare Configuration File

Before you can install Autonomous Identity, update the configuration file, zoran.yml with changes specific to your deployment. The configuration file is located at: /opt/zoran/python-3.6/bin/. For reference to the zoran.yml file, refer to [admin-guide:].

Make the following changes:

  1. Set the base path. The base path is the path on the machine where all client data and output should reside.

    • If using a multi-machine environment, this path will be on the shared mount; for example, /shared/.

    • For single machine environment, the base path is set to a folder within the root directory; for example, /data/.

  2. Set the input and output paths. These paths are set up to allow for multiple analytics runs. The paths should be relative to the base path. The best file structure is to set the output path to exist within the input path, as some analytics outputs are used as inputs for various reporting scripts.

  3. Configure database connection. Follow these substeps:

    1. Select the relevant database (for example, cassandra).

    2. Configure the database IP address and port number.

    3. If using SSL encryption, the SSL flag needs to be set to TRUE and the configuration file must be pointed to the four SSL certificates that exists on the analytics machine. If SSL is not being used, then set the SSL flag to FALSE.

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