Autonomous Identity 2022.11.11

Removing Autonomous Identity

Autonomous Identity provides an easy installation and removal from any system. The actual folder may vary depending on the client.

Remove Ansible Server
  1. On the Ansible server, go to the user’s home directory, and remove the ansible files.

    $ rm -rf ansible/*
  2. On the Ansible server, remove vars.yml file

    $ rm -rf ansible/environment/group_vars/all/vars.yml
  3. Remove .bash_history.

    $ rm .bash_history
Remove Cassandra
  1. On the Cassandra server, log in to Cassandra and drop the keyspaces.

    $ DROP keyspace <keyspace name>
  2. Remove .bash_history.

    $ rm .bash_history
Remove Spark
  1. Remove the /data folder where Spark was installed.

  2. Remove the .egg files where Python was installed.

  3. Remove the shared folder.

  4. Remove .bash_history.

  5. Remove /tmp folder.

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