Autonomous Identity 2022.11.11

Validate the Cassandra Environment

At this time, you should have provided the hostname and IP address of the machine running the Cassandra database in the zoran.yml configuration file. Cassandra can run on the same machine that is running the analytics engine or on a difference machine. Once you have installed Autonomous Identity, you must verify that Cassandra is working as your analytics backend repository.

Check that the Cassandra database is properly configured:

  1. Ensure that the database engine is up-and-running.

    $ nodetool status
  2. Connect to the instance using the Cassandra shell.

    cqlsh> <instance_ip_address> -u zoran_dba -p <zoran_dba_password> --ssl
  3. Check the keyspaces.

    cqlsh> describe keyspaces;
  4. Check that the require keyspaces have been created.

    • zoran_base keyspace is used to store Zoran input files.

    • zoran_analytics keyspace stores the analytics outputs: rules, predications, etc.

    • zoran keyspace contains all of the tables required for the web application.

  5. View more details about a keyspace.

    cqlsh> describe keyspace zoran;
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