Autonomous Identity 2022.11.11


Autonomous Identity provides the following features:

  • Broad Support for Major Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) Providers. Autonomous Identity supports a wide variety of Identity as a Service (IDaaS) and Identity Management (IDM) data including but not limited to comma-separated values (CSV), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), human resources (HR), database, and IGA solutions.

  • Highly-Scalable Architecture. Autonomous Identity deploys using a microservices architecture, either on-prem, cloud, or hybrid-cloud environments. Autonomous Identity’s architecture supports scalable reads and writes for efficient processing.

  • Powerful UI dashboard. Autonomous Identity displays your company’s entitlements graphically on its UI console. You can immediately investigate those entitlement outliers as possible security risks. The UI also lets you quickly identify those entitlements that are good candidates for automated low-risk approvals or re-certifications. Users can also view a trend-line indicating how well they are managing their entitlements. The UI also provides an application-centric view and a single-page rules view for a different look at your entitlements.

  • Powerful Analytics Engine. Autonomous Identity’s analytics engine is capable of processing millions of access points. Autonomous Identity lets you configure the machine learning process and prune less productive rules. Customers can run analyses, predictions, and recommendations frequently to improve the machine learning process.

  • UI-Driven Schema Extension. Autonomous Identity lets administrators discover and extend the schema.

  • UI-Driven Data Ingestion and Mappings. Autonomous Identity provides improved data ingestion tools to define multiple csv input files needed for analysis and their attribute mappings to the schema using the UI.

  • Broad Database Support. Autonomous Identity supports both Apache Cassandra and MongoDB databases. Both are highly distributed databases with wide usage throughout the industry.

  • Improved Search Support. Autonomous Identity now incorporates Open Distro for Elasticsearch, a distributed, open-source search engine based on Lucene, to improve database search results and performance.

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