Autonomous Identity 2022.11.2

Documentation updates

The following table tracks changes to the documentation following the release of Autonomous Identity 2022.11.2:

Documentation Change Log
Date Description


Added a line that you need to update your third-party software packages to the supported versions prior to upgrading Autonomous Identity. Refer to Upgrade from Autonomous Identity 2022.11.x to 2022.11.2 using deployer pro.


Added a section on updating the domain and namespace in existing deployments. Refer to Customize domain and namespace (existing deployments).


Initial release of Autonomous Identity 2022.11.2.


Initial release of Autonomous Identity 2022.11.1.


  • Removed the refresh-company-view command as it is no longer required in the Analytics pipeline process.

  • Updated the steps to install the Python egg file. Refer to Install Autonomous Identity.

  • Removed sections pertaining to third-party component backup-restore and import-export data in the Server Maintenance.


Added a section to change the MongoDB password post-deployment. Refer to Change the MongoDB password post-deployment.


Initial release of Autonomous Identity 2022.11.0.

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