LDIF File Access

The LDIF connection handler lets you change directory data by placing LDIF files in a file system directory. The DS server regularly polls for changes to the directory. The server deletes the LDIF file after making the changes.

  1. Add the directory where you put LDIF to be processed:

    $ mkdir /path/to/opendj/config/auto-process-ldif

    This example uses the default value of the ldif-directory property.

  2. Activate LDIF file access:

    $ dsconfig \
     set-connection-handler-prop \
     --hostname localhost \
     --port 4444 \
     --bindDN uid=admin \
     --bindPassword password \
     --handler-name LDIF \
     --set enabled:true \
     --usePkcs12TrustStore /path/to/opendj/config/keystore \
     --trustStorePasswordFile /path/to/opendj/config/keystore.pin \

    The change takes effect immediately.

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