A Splunk handler sends messages to a Splunk service.

To enable the Splunk handler, see "Configure a Custom Access Log". The JSON configuration file for the Splunk handler has the following format:

    "class": "org.forgerock.audit.handlers.splunk.SplunkAuditEventHandler",
    "config": {
        "name": string,                    // Handler name, such as "splunk".
        "enabled": boolean,                // Is the handler enabled?
        "topics": array,                   // LDAP: "ldap-access"; HTTP: "http-access".
        "authzToken": string,              // Splunk authorization token for HTTP requests.
        "buffering": {                     // Required message buffering configuration.
            "maxBatchedEvents": number,    // Maximum messages in prepared statement.
            "maxSize": number,             // Maximum number of buffered messages.
            "writeInterval": duration      // Duration as described below.
        "connection": {                    // (Optional) Default: Use default settings.
            "host": string,                // Splunk hostname. Default: "localhost".
            "port": number,                // Splunk port number. Default: "8088".
            "useSSL": boolean              // Use secure connection to Splunk? Default: false.

For a sample configuration, see opendj/config/audit-handlers/splunk-config.json-example.

The writeInterval takes a duration, which is a lapse of time expressed in English, such as 23 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds. Durations are not case sensitive. Negative durations are not supported. Durations use these units:

  • indefinite, infinity, undefined, unlimited: unlimited duration

  • zero, disabled: zero-length duration

  • days, day, d: days

  • hours, hour, h: hours

  • minutes, minute, min, m: minutes

  • seconds, second, sec, s: seconds

  • milliseconds, millisecond, millisec, millis, milli, ms: milliseconds

  • microseconds, microsecond, microsec, micros, micro, us: microseconds

  • nanoseconds, nanosecond, nanosec, nanos, nano, ns: nanoseconds

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