Move a Server

The following procedure moves a server to the new host The steps skip creation of system accounts, startup scripts, and registration as a Windows service:

  1. Stop the server:

    $ stop-ds
  2. Renew the server certificate to account for the new hostname.

    Skip this step if the server certificate is a wildcard certificate that is already valid for the new hostname.

    The following command renews the server certificate generated with a deployment key:

    $ dskeymgr \
     create-tls-key-pair \
     --deploymentKey $DEPLOYMENT_KEY \
     --deploymentKeyPassword password \
     --keyStoreFile /path/to/opendj/config/keystore \
     --keyStorePasswordFile /path/to/opendj/config/ \
     --hostname localhost \
     --hostname \
     --subjectDn CN=DS,O=ForgeRock
  3. Find and replace the old hostname with the new hostname in the server's configuration file config/config.ldif.

    The following list includes configuration settings that may specify the server hostname:

    • ds-cfg-advertised-listen-address

    • ds-cfg-bootstrap-replication-server

    • ds-cfg-listen-address

    • ds-cfg-server-fqdn

    • ds-cfg-source-address

  4. Move all files in the /path/to/opendj directory to the new server.

  5. Start the server:

    $ start-ds
  6. If the server you moved is referenced by others as a replication bootstrap server, update the replication bootstrap server configuration on those servers.

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