About the forgeops-extras repository

Use ForgeRock’s forgeops-extras repository to create sample Kubernetes clusters in which you can deploy the ForgeRock Identity Platform.

Repository reference

For more information about support for the forgeops-extras repository, see Support from ForgeRock.



Example scripts and artifacts that automate CDM cluster creation and deletion.

Recommendation: Don’t modify the files in this directory. If you want to add your own cluster creation support files to the forgeops repository, copy the terraform.tfvars file to a new file, and make changes there.

Support Status: Sample files. Not supported by ForgeRock.

Git clone or Git fork?

For the simplest use cases—a single user in an organization installing the CDK or CDM for a proof of concept, or exploration of the platform—cloning ForgeRock’s public forgeops-extras repository from GitHub provides a quick and adequate way to access the repository.

If, however, your use case is more complex, you might want to fork the forgeops-extras repository, and use the fork as your common upstream repository. For example:

  • Multiple users in your organization need to access a common version of the repository and share changes made by other users.

  • Your organization plans to incorporate forgeops-extras repository changes from ForgeRock.

  • Your organization wants to use pull requests when making repository updates.

If you’ve forked the forgeops-extras repository:

  • You’ll need to synchronize your fork with ForgeRock’s public repository on GitHub when ForgeRock releases a new release tag.

  • Your users will need to clone your fork before they start working instead of cloning the public forgeops-extras repository on GitHub. Because procedures in the documentation tell users to clone the public repository, you’ll need to make sure your users follow different procedures to clone the forks instead.

  • The steps for initially obtaining and updating your repository clone will differ from the steps provided in the documentation. You’ll need to let users know how to work with the fork as the upstream instead of following the steps in the documentation.

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