Helm deployment preview

Deploying the platform with Helm is currently in technology preview status. Do not use Helm for production deployments.

In ForgeOps version 7.4, you can deploy the CDK and the CDM using the helm upgrade --install command together with a Helm chart provided by ForgeRock.

Deploy the platform using Helm

Deploying the platform with Helm is an alternative to using the forgeops install command, which uses Kustomize bases and overlays. Deploying the platform with the forgeops install command continues to be supported.

You’ll find sample commands for deploying the platform with Helm here:

If you decide to deploy the platform with Helm, you’ll still need to continue to use the following forgeops command options:

  • forgeops build to build custom Docker images

  • forgeops info to write administrative passwords and URLs for accessing ForgeRock Identity Platform admin UIs to standard output

Remove a Helm deployment

To remove a Helm deployment, use the helm uninstall command instead of the forgeops delete command.

You’ll find sample commands for removing the platform with Helm here:

When not to deploy the ForgeRock Identity Platform with Helm

Don’t deploy the platform with Helm if:

  • You generate Kustomize manifests for the platform, including custom manifests, using the forgeops generate command.

  • You want to continue to use an existing Kustomize-based deployment. If you want to use Helm, create a new deployment separate from any existing Kustomize-based deployments.

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