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Connector changes

See Connector framework changes for details regarding any changes to the ICF Connector Framework that may affect connector behavior.

CSV File Connector
  • OPENICF-1677: CSV Connector returns pagedResultsCookie for queries with _pageSize=0.

LDAP Connector
  • OPENICF-1666: LDAP Connector: ldapGroups should restrict membership to the specified contexts.

MSGraph API Connector
  • OPENICF-1656: MS Graph API Connector: Unable to update onPremisesExtensionAttributes.

  • OPENICF-1687: MS Graph API Connector: Should be able to work behind an HTTP Proxy.

  • OPENICF-1698: MS Graph API Connector: get the cause of exception if test() fails.

Workday Connector
  • OPENICF-1689: Workday Connector: Workers transaction logs are filtered.

  • OPENICF-1691: Workday Connector: Reduce Garbage collection when building connector objects. is a limited release, where only the Database Table Connector and the RCS Agent were released to Backstage.

Database Table Connector
  • OPENICF-1477: Database Table Connector: ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded

  • OPENICF-1596: PSQLException: FATAL: terminating connection due to idle-in-transaction timeout

Generic LDAP Connector
  • OPENICF-1560: LDAP Connector: RFE Disable Paged Results Control

  • OPENICF-1586: LDAP Connector: Timestamp sync strategy: Synchronization filters are not used properly

MongoDB Connector
  • OPENICF-1553: MongoDB Connector: convertBSONtoICF() does not traverse Arrays.

MS Graph API Connector
  • OPENICF-1538: MS Graph API Connector: Sync() does not work

  • OPENICF-1541: MS Graph API Connector: Add ConsistencyLevel: eventual' header and $count=true for endsWith filter

  • OPENICF-1557: MS Graph API Connector: Handle user employeeHireDate attribute and Calendar data type

  • OPENICF-1558: MS Graph API Connector: Make sure sortKey is supported by the objectClass

  • OPENICF-1559: MS Graph API Connector: Implement Authenticate() call

  • OPENICF-1595: MS Graph API Connector: test() should connect to the MS Graph endpoint to validate the connectionThe following known issues will be addressed in a later release:

  • OPENICF-1614: MS Graph API Connector: Livesync on user/group does not populate membership

  • OPENICF-1615: MS Graph API Connector: Deleting Azure AD group works but throws HTTP 500

SCIM Connector
  • OPENICF-1589: SCIM Connector: NPE caused by exception not properly handled

  • OPENICF-1591: SCIM Connector: Parsing OAuth response should not fail on unknown properties

  • OPENICF-1598: SCIM Connector: NPE when updating attribute with null value

  • OPENICF-1600: SCIM Connector: unknown attributes in a query result should not throw parsing exception

  • OPENICF-1601: SCIM Connector: Implement a global connection timeout property

No issues specific any connectors were addressed in this release.

CSV File Connector
  • OPENICF-1530: system?_action=createFullConfig validation does not return consistent errors

Database Table Connector
Groovy Connector Toolkit
  • OPENICF-1523: ScriptedGroovy connectors fail to load in IDM 7.x when embedded Groovy version does not match IDM Groovy version

MS Graph API Connector
  • OPENICF-1493: MS Graph API Connector: add the ability to read/assign license for the user

  • OPENICF-1499: MS Graph API Connector: remove the maximumConnections property

  • OPENICF-1507: MS Graph API Connector: add the ability to read subscribedSku object

  • OPENICF-1525: MS Graph API Connector: replace the default Graph SDK logger

  • OPENICF-1526: MS Graph API Connector: add the ability to read Team objects

Salesforce Connector
  • OPENICF-1522: Salesforce Connector : implement StatefulConfiguration to allow persistence of accessToken in memory

SCIM Connector
  • OPENICF-1518: SCIM connector: Http client ConnectionManager is not set properly

Workday Connector
  • OPENICF-1504: Workday Connector: SyncToken should be updated even if no events

  • OPENICF-1506: Workday Connector: SyncToken should be set to tenant timestamp after call to sync()

  • OPENICF-1508: Workday Connector: Query on SCR objects should not include date range as a search criteria

No issues specific any connectors were addressed in this release.

MS Graph API Connector
  • OPENICF-1475: MS Graph API Connector: the 'manager' only returns the id and not the full object

  • OPENICF-1481: MS Graph API Connector: add the ability to assign/remove user’s manager

  • OPENICF-1483: MS Graph API Connector: can’t remove all groups a user belongs to

Salesforce Connector
  • OPENICF-1471: SalesForce Connector: should not implement PoolableConnector interface

Generic LDAP Connector
  • OPENICF-1448: LDAP Connector: Enabling changelog livesync for oracle unified directory (OUD)

  • OPENICF-1466: LDAP Connector: Update filterWithOrInsteadOfAnd to apply to timestamp and Active Directory liveSync

  • OPENICF-1470: LDAP Connector: Null Check in ADUserAccounControl.addControl

  • OPENICF-1472: LDAP Connector: Data not synced from AD to IDM via livesync on ALL object

MS Graph API Connector
  • OPENICF-1469: MS Graph API Connector: implement a read/write rate limiter

SCIM Connector
  • OPENICF-1401: SCIM Connector: Align exceptions for not configured (blank/null) configurationProperties

MS Graph API Connector
  • OPENICF-1446: MS Graph API Connector: implement PoolableConnector

Salesforce Connector
  • OPENICF-1352: Salesforce connector: pagination and cookies not working properly

SCIM Connector
  • OPENICF-1444: SCIM connector - provide support for 'scope'

SSH Connector
  • OPENICF-1433: SSH connector: Kerberos username prompt for public key and password auth

  • OPENICF-1445: SSH connector: Stale or disconnected SSH sessions are not detected when borrowing from the pool

Workday Connector
  • OPENICF-1383: Workday Connector: Upgrade to API v35.0

  • OPENICF-1419: Workday Connector: Implement Service Center Representative object type

  • OPENICF-1426: Workday Connector: Ability to update email for Service Center Representative object

  • OPENICF-1432: Workday Connector: Implement OR filter

  • OPENICF-1447: Workday Connector: add the Contingent_Worker_ID as a search criteria

Starting in version, ICF connectors that previously had external library dependencies now have those dependencies bundled inside the connector.

Initial release of the MS Graph API Connector.

Generic LDAP Connector
  • OPENICF-1388: LDAP Connector throws java.lang.NoSuchMethodError on Java 8

  • OPENICF-1396: OPENIDM-15448 changes seemingly broke querying ldap via the data tab

Groovy Connector Toolkit
  • OPENICF-1414: Scripted Groovy (v3) based connectors fail to load with IDM releases prior to 7.0

Starting in version, the ICF Connector Framework and all connectors bundled with Identity Cloud share a unified version number.

No issues specific any connectors were addressed in this release.

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